Water Rates

Schedule 1

Applies to entire territory served, except Deerwalk area, Camp Barbe/Rt 14 area, Walker-Kites Run area and Mountwood Park.

View the Schedule 1 customer information brochure.

Schedule 2

Applies to Deerwalk area, Mountwood Park, Progress Ridge, Grant Hill/Farrow Hill and Camp Barbe/Rt 14 areas.

View the Schedule 2 customer information brochure.

Schedule 3

Applies to Walker/Kites Run area and residents of Little Kanawha Estates.

View the Schedule 3 customer information brochure.

Sewer Rates

Sewer Schedule

$11.81 per 1,000 gallons water used

$18.22 customer charge

Applies to entire territory served by sewer collection, except Spring Valley.

Spring Valley

Applies to Spring Valley Homeowners Association customers.